What’s New?

The city of Saratoga approved the new Quito Village project in April 2020. We are now moving forward with design and construction of the commercial portion of the project, which is the 5,000 sf. building located near the corner of Cox Ave. and Paseo Presada. The commercial building will be constructed first to allow the existing Starbucks café and Saratoga Vision Center tenants to be retained in the new project.

As part of the new commercial building we will also have a publicly accessible courtyard area. The courtyard will have tables and chairs for outdoor dining, benches, and other amenities to create a space that is inviting and comfortable for the public (see images below). As a property owner in Saratoga we know Saratoga residents take great pride in their city. We have put a great deal of thought into this project and have worked hard to prepare this public space so that it maintains the character of the Saratoga community and meets the quality expectations of its residents. We are confident this will be a project of which everyone can be proud.

We hope to break ground on this new space in Spring 2021.

Revised Landscape Site Plan

Illustrative Site Plan

Campbell photo © campbellchamber.net; Pruneyard photo © tripadvisor.com; Santa Row photo © hotels.com